Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vegetarianism - The healthier choice..

As I commute to work daily by Mass Rapid Transport (MRT), I see the advice near the MRT track for passengers on safety in station. It says “Value Life. Act Responsibly”. The phrase “Value life” often echoes in my mind when I see a slaughter-house or a steak house.

In this modern world with world's most of the food chains offering all kinds of non-vegetarian food, my blog may not be solicited by majority of people when i write about vegetarianism. But, if one can imagine of the last moments of a chicken or a cow or a pig in a slaughterhouse, it will lead to think twice before having their next burger/mutton briyani. Besides, the last minutes, as could be read from various media the lives are constrained in cages not suitable for them. The vegetarian food practice should come from parents to children. Consuming non-vegetarian food comes with the way kids are nurtured. I would say parents should follow vegetariansim for their kids to follow although the parents' ancestors might have been meat-eaters. When parents eat meat and the kids follow eating non-veg without knowing what they are eating. It is the flesh ojavascript:void(0)f a life. Infact, i know few friends wherein their family eats chicken or fish only and prevents consuming pork/beef but my friends go on to the extra mile of eating pork/beef/rabbit etc. When i discuss with my friends about having non-vegetarian, i was disturbed to hear them telling that they can consume anything that can fly and walk/run except aeroplane and ship.

As we could hear in recent years, medias yelling about the hostage dramas in Iraq and Afghanistan ending with the hostages being killed by slitting their throat or shot dead. The entire world sympathised for those who are killed and for their families. The same goes for capital punishment also. When a culprit is going to be hanged, the entire world sympathise for him with enough media coverage. According to me, the same sympathy should go for each life in the world and every life should be given the freedom to live the life to its fullest. Some may argue that if the world don't eat non-vegetarian, the world may face severe scarcity for grains and egological imbalance will occur. Since the human-being has made so many inventions, he should definitely find a way to live within what is available. Example is the petroleum natural resource. Since it will be depleted in long run, research has been going on for sometime to find alternate energy source. In the end, some alternative may be found. The same goes for food also.

I strongly belive that habit makeup human being. I remember a motivational quote by someone which says "People don't decide their destiny but they decide their habits and the habits inturn decide their future". Though i am being a vegetarian, i could pass by a slaughter house without much discomfort whereas i can't (and you too cannot) pass by an accident site where few human bodies are mashed and blood is scattered everywhere. The earlier was possible than the later because of we are used to it. Eating meat is also like this where meat eaters are used to it and if they are decided to break the habit, they can be vegetarians.

By adopting a vegetarian life style, one can contribute to minimize the effect of global warming and adopt a healthly lifestyle.

Let us live as vegetarian and let other lives to live life to the fullest. Let us foster our descendants as vegetarians.

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