Monday, August 2, 2010

Migraine and How do i manage it...

How do i manage my migraine?

I am now in my mid 30s and of asian origin male. I used to have headaches during my childhood days and didn't care to find the reason. I took some tables and it used to subside. As i grew up and graduated, the impact of headache in my daily life was very severe and i started to visit doctor for treatment. It started with eye doctor who checked my power and said through there
is no reason eye being the cause of headache, still he advised to wear some eye glass with minor power. I used to wear the glasses for sometime but still the headache visited often. I decided that there is no point in wearing spectacles. After few years of suffering, i visited a ENT specialist who decided there is nothing wrong with ENT after scores of tests. Then i thought i am destined to have headaches and suffered with that for a more few years. Then this headache caused great impact in my work-life and decided to dig further. This time i consulted a neurologist who took a CT scan for my brain for any problem in brain like tumours etc. And that report was also clear. Again..Oh reason for headache. Again the cycle continued. I used to have headache once every month. But one thing that improved(???) with headache was it used to go off when i vomit after 5 to 7 hours the headache started. Oh, that vomiting experience was very terrible. Sometimes i had to threw up 3 to 4 times until the headache comes down. At times, because of the vomitting, blood came out from throat. Many times i started to eat all junks foods to trigger vomitting to get rid of the headache.

Being an IT programmer and internet savvy, i searched internet. Now got the rescue and necessary information. The headache i have is migraine headache though the throbbing headache is on both sides of my head. I found the reasons for migraine headache and the triggers for the headache. The very first fact that i have migraine is confirmed by my sleeping pattern. Because, i get headaches most of my time during weekends as i sleep for more than 7 hours on Friday or Saturday night. Though my wife used to joke that since i am with you on weekends you get headache. If i sleep for more than 7 hours, i used to get headache. So, the rule for sleeping pattern is if one has less sleep or more sleep, it will trigger migraine. But that too will not always be true. Most of the time this will be true. Apart from sleeping pattern, there are some foods that triggers migraine. Examples are banana, papaya, cheese etc. You get a complete list from Not all foods may be trigger for you. How to find which foods are trigger for you, you have to have a record of your headache whenever there is headache and have to recall and note down what are the foods you ate the day before. There is nice worksheet available in the above website where you can record all the information like triggers, how long the headache lasted etc. I have a record of 3 years of my headaches. Thanks to the website owner for hosting these kinds of valuable resources.

Then, my wife told that one of her colleage who used to have migraine headache treated with homeopathy tablets and referred to the same doctor. We consulted that doctor and he prescribed tablets but many conditions out of one is you should stop drinking coffee. Oh my favourite drink is coffee but taking the sufferings of migraine into consideration, i was ready to give up coffee. I took the homeopathy tablets meticulously and it has been 2 years since i started taking tablets. Now i feel better and able to manage headaches. Though i get headaches nowadays too, the severity is very less and i don't throw up. When i sense morning itself that i am going to have headache on that day, i start to take the homeopathy tablets for subsiding headache immediately i brushed up. The headache didn't start and came down in all occasions. Homeopathy has really helped in the treatement of migraine in my case. It is not only medicine but the management of migraine is important.

Still my mother is suffering from migraine and she can't take homeopathy tablets as she can't quit drinking coffee. She is still taking allopathy tablets and the effect is not very appreciable.

Note: While writing this blog, i am having a mild headache and may not be able to do any other work. So, i decided to write a blog on my headache. This may be useful for someone to find the cause of headache and take proper action.

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  1. It could be diet related. Try stopping wheat/bread stuff and see how it works.

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